Good day product team,
My account seems to have access to a beta version fo a graph widget, which displays conversion rate trends for the experiment control and variants.
3 points of feedback:
1. The graph rounds conversion rate to the nearest %, so for a company like us, where our conversion rate is less than 1%, the graph actually rounds down to 0% or to 1%. This is kind of odd – I would suggest you update this to show the conversion rate with an additional 2-decimal places, if possible.
2. The graph does not change, depending on whether you select “unique visitors” or “sessions” – this is not called out on the graph, so I would suggest either having two graphs, 1 for unique visitors, and one for sessions, or making it clear that the graph is only for unique visitors.
3. For each point plotted on the graph it would be great to also see the time of day when that data point was for.